Wednesday, March 26, 2014

FM event 67

Upcoming Event: 67, stronghold_51 the Forsaken Mission, will start on 2014-03-26 10:00:00:00 MST and end on 2014-04-01 22:00:00:00 MST

Tier 1
1:Destroyer X
2:Light Cruiser
3:Agility System 1
4:Zynthonite Armor D2-P
5:Piranha Depth Charge 1
6:Compound Plate 2
7:Torrent Missile 1
8:Wake Tactical Module 1
9:Reaver Chaingun 1
10:Compound Armor D5-E

Tier 2
11:Light Cruiser X
13:Agility System 2
14:Zynthonite Armor D3-P
15:Piranha Depth Charge 2
16:Compound Plate 3
17:Torrent Missile 2
18:Wake Tactical Module 2
19:Reaver Chaingun 2
20:Crossbow 1
21:Compound Armor D5-M

Tier 3
22:Battlecruiser X
24:Agility System 3
25:Assault Torpedoes D63-B
26:Zynthonite Armor D4-P
27:Piranha Depth Charge 3
28:Reaver Meteor Mortar
29:Compound Plate 4
30:Torrent Missile 3
31:Resonance Battery
32:Wake Tactical Module 3
33:Reaver Scout Engine
34:Reaver Chaingun 3
35:Siege Cannon D35-W
36:Crossbow 2
37:Compound Armor D5-X


  1. Did you see the April event teaser/info they put out?

    1. No, I hadn't trolled the forums lately, but now that you mentioned it I went out and found:

      Hull event for the next raid, that should make some ppl happy (and another set unhappy as always).

      Will keep my eye open for indicators of what all may be coming and post as soon as I know anything.

    2. It also states a new special hull like Nuclear cruiser but as flagship only will be released. I am waiting to see if they are also releasing lasers...and if the new ship looks like a shark....

  2. xnih....where are you?? :) no more information???

    1. lol, busy with other things. Will try to watch for updates in the next 24 hours and provide anything new if I have time.

  3. Do you feel like pullling a breakdown of the FM strongholds? I've been wanting to study the high level ones for Spectre weaknesses....

    1. There is already one out there. Busy at work with the openssl fun, but if I get a chance later I'll link to it.



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