Wednesday, March 12, 2014

Pre Raid update

(Event specific info in the Raid thread from a few days ago.)

Hey look, they actually put the info out on the forums!  Nice job Kixeye!  Good change, going to put me out of business!  :)

Config files and new game file released this evening, nice to see it done the evening before instead of the day of.  (Granted they may have always done it this way and I haven't paid attention - oh wait, they used to release half of this days in advance, that was how I used to figure it out!).

Hornet UAV and Atlas Carrier info now officially in the files.

Dredge Fleets are either going to be in the raid, or more likely in the Forsaken Mission next week.  Guessing there will be a "find" feature for them, maybe locator or right click option.

Not in Kixeye update
New Retrofits coming (no idea when, but next 3 I forsee):
  • Vindicator
  • Juggernaut
  • Guardian (think this one is still a ways off)
For now, only the Atlas Carrier has the UAV slot.  

In the Kixeye Update (though I didn't see FF which they claim, maybe I just missed it - yep, missed it!)
I believe the first few fleets that will also be allowed to refit with the Hornet are:
  • Super Fortress
  • Floating Fortress A
  • Triton
  • Floating Fortress
Other changes include description updates, Evade to Evasion, detection to sonar, etc.  A few others that I won't go into details on, but if it is what I think it is, most people will be happy.  I'll wait for kixeye to see if I'm correct.

Updated:  10:50PM 3/12/2014
(From forums:  You’ll now see a reduction in both Research and Build times for all Researched Technology and We have also just rolled out a price reduction for instantly completing a blueprint. ).  Some of the reductions appear to be down to under 1/10th the time (or is it cost) they used to be!  Most are at least half if what I saw is accurate.


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  2. Dredge Fleets are replacing Reaver Surges Xnih

    1. Dredge, ah, don't follow forums much, but makes sense!

      I'll have to look for the art work later today for the refits and maybe add it.

  3. Thanks for all the information you provide. I'm looking forward to the new raid's fleet breakdown!

  4. From what i have seen the things in the tactical lab that you can research didn't get a reduction but the upgrade time for the building is lowered. From what i have seen nothing is longer than three days long to research for the ones that got a reduction.

  5. Looks like the retrofits will be out next week. Robot all but confirmed this.


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