Thursday, December 19, 2013

Christmas present from Kixeye

Haven't been on any other sites since first thing today, so don't know if it has been reported much, but Kixeye is giving away a Christmas gift......

While I could tell you what it is, as someone else pointed out to me, Christmas gifts are supposed to be surprises.

All I can say is I'm make sure I log in during the window to get my free stuff.  Granted even if it was a box of rocks, I'd probably log in anyway, but I digress!

If you get a chance, make sure you log in during the Christmas present Window time.

Holiday Gift from KIXEYE:

Players who log in between 10AM on Monday December, 23rd and 10AM Friday December 27th will receive a special gift from KIXEYE. 

I assume that is PST, but you have 4 days.

Oh and for those that have what the prize is, please don't post it on my blog, as I said, its Christmas, enjoy the surprise!

Updated:  Dec 22, 2013...
To spoil Christmas or not.........  Maybe right before release time tomorrow if I'm out of bed yet!


  1. No spoil if its right before release time ;)

  2. ah xnih we a racking our brains out some jerk posted the dry dovk well as you know it looked official so now we need the spoiler.

  3. Warning spoiler alert......

    "Enjoy 100 free Gold. Thanks for playing Battle Pirates, Captain!",

    I'll most likely be using mine to do a rename, but we'll see.

    1. Cool and Thnx.i prefer dry dock, well maybe next year gift ;)

    2. haha, drydock, i forsee the end to world hunger, free energy and me winning the lottery before that will happen :)

    3. Kixeye, thank you for the 100 free coins! Now to rename my account or same my coins......


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