Thursday, December 19, 2013

What else was updated 12/19/2013

Updates on 12/19 config file wise....

  • Looks like a number of error checking new messages added.
  • Initial researchable armor description changes
  • R1-5 info on 5 hulls found in another post
  • Updates to descriptions on specials
  • Updates to descriptions on weapons
  • Reaver Meteor Mortar just Meteor Mortar now (does this mean it will be available to us later?)
  • New Wake tactical module (it was around last week, but no point saying anything, everyone was worried about the raid)
  • Radioactive Damage
  • All Weapon Range
  • Holiday gift from Kixeye


  1. it will be availeable in next mission, they posted that on forums

  2. Meteor Mortar will be a base turret weapon.

  3. Any thoughts on the Holiday gift from Kixeye?

    1. Know what it is, but here was my post on it:


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