Wednesday, December 11, 2013

Burning Seas Fleets and other updates

Ok, BPoutpost has stats for the Hellstrike, so I won't bother with that since most of you probably already have it, if not head over to their FB page and find it out.

As you go to hit them the first time, should be a similar message:
Alert! You are about to engage with your first Reaver Fleet. They will attack you from the Northeast. This new enemy will pose a formidable challenge with speed and powerful mortar weaponry. Good luck, Captain.",

As for tomorrows raid, here is a first look (as far as I know at least since i haven't wandered by any other sites) of some of tomorrows fun.

Those that thought Typhoon, looks like you are correct.

We'll be going against, at some levels at least, a Reaver Mothership with Drones, level's 1-3 drones.
The above mothership has 20 weapon slots from what I can see.

Its drones look like mercury's!

They are small with only 2 weapon slots.

At this time, no idea on weapon types, so don't ask!  I'll post fleet breakdown when I get home from work tomorrow evening, or maybe during my lunch break if its kicked off at that point for me.

Other info, no idea what specifically it means and not going to think too hard on it right now:
Rocket Wall Evasion
Tactical Field Resistance

I assume both are reaver "features"

Supermine Blueprint Levels:

  • 1
  • 18
  • 40
I assume that is level 1-3 for when you may get a BP.

Reaver Blueprint Tiers:
  • 40
  • 55
  • 70
I assume that is for after the raid when the reaver fleets randomly show up again and again levels 1-3.

A leaked vid from the the test servers.

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  1. Stats are on the forums for the Hellstrike and new rocket.


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