Tuesday, November 26, 2013

Reaver, reaver, reaver.....

Possibly the first look at our new foe the head of the reaver faction (sorry it's small)

Fleet levels:
  • 40
  • 55
  • 70
  • 3x 999 (I assume place holders, so up to 3 more levels after 70!)
Spawn Points - Relay towers in sect about every 30 mins (per ppl in my sect)

Now for their ships:

Reaver Scout
XLarge Ship
4 weapon slots

Reaver Defense Hulk
XLarge Ship
7 weapon slots

New ship weapons.  There appears to be 8 new weapons, problem is so far I've only found the real little photos which doesn't help to see them at all.

  • Reaver Rocket 1
  • Reaver Rocket 2
  • Reaver Rocket 3
  • Reaver Mortar

The other 4 aren't listed yet by name, but here are 2 of their little pics.  As it sits now they look like ship weapons based on where I found them.

Fire Ring?  New pic, some type of new weapon or just a new display?

3 new Blueprints for us (Specials) Unstable Core 1-3.  Here is level 3 of it:

New base weapon at some point - reaver disruptor, so far only found the projectile pic (bad copy should just be the 2 yellow lines):

There are also some Reaver Mortar Projectiles:

And a video for those that want to watch that someone sent me:

Now I see what the Fire Ring is above and when you kill a fleet what happens with that Unstable Core in it!


  1. CAn we acquire any weapons from the reaver fleets?

    1. From what I've gathered, yes you can acquire the Unstable Core from hitting them.

    2. what i did was roam around other sectors until i found a bunch, then went at em. since they spawn only near relay towers, it makes it pretty easy.

  2. Hmmm, this looks like Reaver Shredders from what the picture looks like and the projectiles from the Reavers I've fought

  3. Can you post DPS sheets and salvos launched from reaver weapons? Plz and ty. ^_^

    1. If they ever spawn in my sector while I'm on I'll post fleet breakdown. But so far, none spawned in the few hours I was on last night watching. I'm hoping I can pick it up on a spawn like other fleets. But salvs I have to do a different way because of how they spawn. So we'll see.....

  4. Once we know the weapon stats, I'll be able to do a DPS sheet for them.

  5. Anyone knows the combat speed of Reaver Scout?

    1. Most likely about 25-30 because it seems to be able to outrun my fastest ships.


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