Thursday, November 7, 2013

New Drac BPs and Forsaken refits

Blue will be thrilled, he just ran out of blue print parts from the drac bases a few nights ago.
Today's announcements #1:
Retro fits on the Subs finally (sorry to lazy to go find exact phrasing)

Today's announcement #2:
Hit Drac Bases now for your chance to win Frontline Platform X-M, Insulated Panels C, Fire Support Platform X, and Ballistic Platform Blueprints! Boost your Turrets and sink enemy fleets on the spot.

Here are the new ones (spelling errors and all from Kix):
Ballistic Platform - Increases accuracy for ballistic turrets while reducing stun times from electromagnetic attacks.

Frontline Platform X-M - Frontline turret system to protect against missile damage while increasing explosive reload.
Insulated Panels C - Hybrid turret panels that protect from ballistic damage and reduce stun times from eletromagnetic attacks.
Fire Support Platform X - Fire support upgrades that increases rate-of-fire of explosives and reduces the time-to-target of projectiles.

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