Wednesday, May 15, 2013

Drac Hunt 4 part 2

Mission briefing can be found here.

Looks like 3 new types of drac drones also, I assume they'll either show up this raid, or perhaps they are actually the ones we get now, but don't have much more than a few pics.  One of them below.


  1. Not to be rude or ungrateful of your work but looks like you was behind the curve this time around most people already new and had images

    1. i know knew not new before people correct on my mistake

    2. haha, true, there were a lot of photos floating around before I got any posted this month. I only look in the data that is sent down to everyone. No decompiling of swf files or anything else, no playing on the preview server, etc. Where the links for the prizes came from that others posted I honestly have no idea.

      This month kixeye was a little more guarded on putting the main pics for the prizes on the site under their normal naming convention until earlier today when they posted the video, so yes I was behind on the pics this month! But hey, I got all the prizes still, just no pics of 'em :)

    3. He doesn't have to post this stuff ya know. X3


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