Wednesday, May 1, 2013

Mission #9

Mini Event #9 set to start in about 12 hours, it appears we may have a few new things to win this mission:

Ship Specials:
  • Transport System 1 - Bump in map speed and cargo space
  • Transport System 2 - Little better on both than #1
  • Transport System 3 - Even greater than #2 of course

Ship Weapons:
  • Negotiator Mortar 1 - Mortar for open water (larger splash?)
  • Negotiator Mortar 2 - Mortar for open water (larger splash?)
  • Negotiator Mortar 3 - Mortar for open water (larger splash?)
  • Havok Torpedoes 5 - version 5 of the havok torp who knows

As always, just my best guess, these may be down the road a bit also, or never released, we'll just have to see tomorrow.


  1. How is it you get your info again? Something about looking into the code?

  2. I only have access to what everyone playing the game has access to. It is just understanding how web based games work and what is sent between the server and anyone playing.

    1. Oh sweet. Shame about the Mortars being Derp though with the weak damage and ridiculous build time for lvl 3.

      I am just throwing a guess out that we are gonna get a new sub next raid.

    2. i so hope its a new sub not got anything apart from the pred and stinker lol

  3. I wonder if they added the new stuff during pokies last night

  4. I wonder if the Havok 5 means a new sub or a new subhunter for top prize for DH4.

  5. God forbid it will be a new sub, i have all the subs already and barely use any. I son't think it will be a new sub hunter just for the simple reason that the mercury from the last raid was a sub killer.

  6. Not a new sub from what I can see.

  7. im bored of the crap they keep adding to mini raids


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