Saturday, May 11, 2013

Why I ask you not to link to my blog in kixeye forums

The #1 reason I prefer you don't link to my blog in the forums is that kixeye doesn't like external links to sites in the forums.  

Ultimately if someone uses google, typically within 24 hours of me posting my blog is rated higher on the list than anything Kixeye has out there, so it shouldn't be hard for people to find the site on their own.  Perhaps just tell them to google for whatever the latest raid name is.

If you do inadvertently post links to my blog on the forums be aware they may remove the link.  If you see others that post it, please be careful in how you ask them to remove it and don't inadvertently quote it in the response to them also.

As of my last check, no new details I could tell about new stuff than what I'd already posted.  Will keep an eye on it again over the next few days and do an updated post if I find pictures or new details.


  1. Another reason why not to is people will expect you to have info on everything.... This is why I try to avoid giving out the blog link to people I trust and expect not to spam it everywhere.

  2. You can Write a note in every post you send for the new readers

  3. On top of all that, one of the latest posts on the forums by hitman007:

    "Posting unconfirmed event prize information is a violation of forum rules, so please do not do it, thank you."

    1. More likely he was mad/annoyed at all the people posting that one picture with three of the new prizes.

    2. Probably, but it is their forums, so they can do what they want I guess.

  4. His BF made him post that, just sayin.

    One of the Rogue Crews names the Stingray as the ship it boosts, we may be a little slow for playing a glitchy game but we aren't stupid 0-o


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