Saturday, March 30, 2013

Post Drac Hunt 2 toys

I'll have to make sure I put the title of the next BP raid event as the title again next time!  This blog got so many hits, mentioned in the forums, mentioned in youtube video's etc.....

Ok, so what is coming next?

My 1 prediction for now:
  • Another research option for you, this time for your rocket pad.  (update:  I think it may be a joke, but we'll see)
More to come between now and the next raid I'm sure. 

Note:  Just found out Maelstrom V came with the last raid boat, see what I get for not winning it!  More tech I'll never have! But I thought it was going to be some new research for us all.  Maybe some day.

Monday, March 18, 2013

Since there was some confusion

1.  This is not an official kixeye blog in any way/shape/form!
2.  I've never logged into the preview server (that I recall) in the past 2 years and nobody on the preview server is providing me with any of this information.

Everything I've found is from poking around in the game.  Names of ships change from the time I initially spot them (Titan vs Triton, that or I just can't spell when I go to post, not sure which), some weapons may never be released (this is the 2nd round of flaks for ships, the others still aren't here are they!), some of the ships don't come out for 6 months from initial "plans", take the big death star beast from Drac Hunt 1 that was on the 40's, I have a post from a long time ago on it and it didn't show up until last month.

I have no magic 8 ball, no special in with someone on the preview server, and contrary to popular beliefs, don't know anyone at kixeye.

I post what I see in the game when I get around to poking around and finding new things, new features, and new bugs.  Though I don't talk about the bugs until after they've officially been patched typically.

I'll continue to post what I see, as soon as I see it, assuming i'm looking of course.....

Friday, March 15, 2013

Drac Hunt 2

Scheduled to start March 21, 2013

Not sure if these will be new things offered in it, but here is what I see:

New Hull:  Thresher
Desc:  Advanced rocket range and speed

New Weapons: Phalanx Anti Missiles
Desc:  Ship mounted anti-missile

This is the 2nd time they've toyed with the idea of anti flak for the ships, will they finally give it to us?  I guess only time will tell! If they do will they give us the others ones that have been around forever also?

Monday, March 11, 2013

Alliance Bonuses

Ok, I got caught up looking around and so far don't see anything new that hasn't already shown up in the in game Blue Prints.  I do see that there is MC1-3, MX1-3 and CX1-3, but most could have guessed that based on what has shown up so far recently.  There are hints at 3 new weapons, but I have no details beyond place holders.

Anyway, alliance bonuses seem to have changed.  Not sure if this was just today with the reset or if it has been this way for awhile.

It used to be Rocketeers gave you 6 bonuses, Rocket Build, and 5 different types of reloads, but now it is down to only 1, Rocket Build.  Not sure when/why this changed, but it did so in the recent past.

All other bonus appear the same as they've been.

Will try to peek around a bit more often again soon.