Monday, March 18, 2013

Since there was some confusion

1.  This is not an official kixeye blog in any way/shape/form!
2.  I've never logged into the preview server (that I recall) in the past 2 years and nobody on the preview server is providing me with any of this information.

Everything I've found is from poking around in the game.  Names of ships change from the time I initially spot them (Titan vs Triton, that or I just can't spell when I go to post, not sure which), some weapons may never be released (this is the 2nd round of flaks for ships, the others still aren't here are they!), some of the ships don't come out for 6 months from initial "plans", take the big death star beast from Drac Hunt 1 that was on the 40's, I have a post from a long time ago on it and it didn't show up until last month.

I have no magic 8 ball, no special in with someone on the preview server, and contrary to popular beliefs, don't know anyone at kixeye.

I post what I see in the game when I get around to poking around and finding new things, new features, and new bugs.  Though I don't talk about the bugs until after they've officially been patched typically.

I'll continue to post what I see, as soon as I see it, assuming i'm looking of course.....


  1. cool, how did u know that the thresher is a prize b4 the preview started???????????

  2. Can't give away all my secrets! :)

    It really has to do with poking around in the game. If/when I ever get to the point that I no longer play, or have time to poke around, I'll provide a post and tell the world.

  3. I am doing very much the same, as I play I record data (I know NERD ALERT).


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