Monday, March 11, 2013

Alliance Bonuses

Ok, I got caught up looking around and so far don't see anything new that hasn't already shown up in the in game Blue Prints.  I do see that there is MC1-3, MX1-3 and CX1-3, but most could have guessed that based on what has shown up so far recently.  There are hints at 3 new weapons, but I have no details beyond place holders.

Anyway, alliance bonuses seem to have changed.  Not sure if this was just today with the reset or if it has been this way for awhile.

It used to be Rocketeers gave you 6 bonuses, Rocket Build, and 5 different types of reloads, but now it is down to only 1, Rocket Build.  Not sure when/why this changed, but it did so in the recent past.

All other bonus appear the same as they've been.

Will try to peek around a bit more often again soon.


  1. What is an MC, MX, and CX?

  2. Types of armor.
    Alloy Armor CX-1 through 3, etc.

    Some have already been offered in the weekly Forsaken Missions, some havent from what I've seen.

    Looks like they added Depleted Uranium Shells this week. They snuck that one past me or I wasn't looking very well the other night.

  3. xnih your awesome! I can have an idea of whats going on with the game now!


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