Thursday, October 31, 2013

FM 20?

I know FM 19 just started, but got to post when the information is still hot off the presses!

3 new weapons in our future:
  • Downpour Missiles 1
  • Downpour Missiles 2
  • Downpour Missiles 3
Description:  Equipped in multi-purpose weapon slots only, these precision strike missiles can fire while submerged.

Time to add some more firepower to the new subs it looks like.


  1. Looks like these are just what the Reaper ordered..

  2. i might hold off building my Reapers a little longer then or just build the hulls and some havoks

    1. If they're multi purpose slots just build the hulls with a single thud 1 on them, it'll save a whole bunch of refit time if that's your plan

    2. Yeah, that is what I have done, the 3rd one will be finished in a day or so, then start the 4th. I hope these are introduced soon.

    3. if you dont have the reaper you shold still be able to use these on stalkers

  3. I wouldn't expect these to do much building damage however might be useful. They look draconian so might not get shipyard 2 bonus. :(

  4. Reapers, Stalkers, Cudas, Battle Cruisers and Dicts, supposedly they will fire from a submerged sub but they didn't say it wouldn't fire from a surface ship.

  5. Would be cool if they gave out a new mid level sub.


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