Thursday, October 24, 2013

FM 18 prize list

Thanks to Les, it wasn't available when I checked 7+ hrs ago!

* = new

Tier 1
  • Compound Armor D5-E
  • Zynthonite Armor D2-M
  • Shredder Cannon I
  • Piranha Drone Module I
  • Zynthonite Armor D2-X
  • * Heavy Plating I
  • Destroyer X
  • Light Cruiser
  • Battle Barge A

Tier 2
  • Compound Armor D5-M
  • Zynthonite Armor D3-X
  • Shredder Cannon II
  • Piranha Drone Module II
  • Zynthonite Armor D3-C
  • * Heavy Plating II
  • Light Cruiser X
  • Battlecruiser
  • Leviathan A

Tier 3
  • Siege Cannon D35-W
  • Compound Armor D5-X
  • Concussive Upgrade
  • Speed Upgrade
  • Shredder Cannon III
  • Splash Upgrade
  • Piranha Drone Module III
  • Rampart
  • Siege Mortar D75-B
  • Shockwave Mortar D71-Q
  • * Heavy Plating III
  • Battlecruiser X
  • Battleship
  • Floating Fortress A


  1. I'm hoping that the delays in deploying FM18 are due to them increasing the resources in it :-)

  2. as i missed 2 forsaken missions in 6 months, and they keep adding new t3 prizes - i can never win Q or B so i respectfully give up

  3. Keep doing them, luck will be on your side at some point. I pulled Siege B the first time it was out.

  4. with 6 T3 prizes of choice for me this this time I got Q Mort...yay!!! Anyone suggest what to put them on (oh and no i don't have DNX!!! :D)

    1. Maulers if you have them, anything with a mort reload bonus will work nicely with shock Qs.

    2. took me one go to get Q, four to get B ... always worth competing as 2.5 mil in 3 days (hours) is not that difficult

  5. anybody know if there is a FM this week

    1. at least one new one, just posted it. Didn't scan through it more than to realize I didn't have it in my file, too busy of late I guess! Priority Targeting is available now at T3


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