Wednesday, August 21, 2013

Kixeye forums

Ok, I try not to troll the forums too often, but I've had such a great laugh of late.

People are always saying they are going to boycott this raid or that one, or that they are going to quit if kix doesn't make this change or that, etc, etc.  I wish half of them would, then maybe the forums would quiet down a bit.

People were complaining that Kix didn't release the info on what was coming, yet half the world knows about either this site or bpoutposts fb page which leek info early all the time.  Maybe it isn't official, but there is info out.  If Kix really didn't want it out, they could easily not make it available via the way I get it!

But then what happens, Kix gives the stats out 36 hrs early and there is a forum rant about how it is going to ruin the game.  It very well may, but the game changes constantly and it will change again next month, and the month after that again.

The game changes, it gets imbalanced one way or the other constantly, its a game, get over it.  Roll with it or move on to another game.

Thanks Vorlon25, you made me actually laugh out loud:

"Time for all the high level players crying about their bases no longer being invulnerable to take a tip from all the level 40+ they've been hitting with impunity and some of their own constant advice.

Use the Repair Button and if you don't like it Quit ya whiners......"

Its a battle game, war isn't fair, someone always has bigger weapons.  Your base won't hold every type of fleet out anymore, that has been the case before, it will be the case again in the future.

Repair button works the same for everyone, log on, hit it, come back later.  Or coin it.

Ok, back to normal business now of finding out what is coming next and trying to do it before bpoutpost beats me to it!  :)


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  2. I'm not trying to start a flame war on my own blog, don't get me wrong. I'm a level 60 player than has been in the game since it started. The only coins I've ever used were free ones I got from bottle caps, so I'm not their targeted audience at all. Kixeye is a company that at the end of the day wants to make a profit and to do that they have to get people to coin things. Everything they do will annoy some groups and bring in others and it is all a calculated risk on what will keep the game going and profitable for them.

  3. risk, yes..calculated...i'd like to see their numbers as kixeye math is usually off anyway lol

  4. Flaming war ... I almost felt like starting one when I read that.

    I just turned level 62 and I have most tech ever released.

    As I spend a lot of time helping people lower level than I am, I sometime get frustrated to see kix release stuff at the limit of being overpower.

    I have acces to the new tech because I have the previous *hard to obtain* stuff that helps me win whatever I want ... And I coin also ...

    Those lower level players ... our successors when we will stop playing... they just can't keep up with what s being released. Eventually when they ll feel discouraged, they ll quit before they see what the game is like at my level. And therefore there s no future in this game.

    Also, I m starting to think that Kix do not have a long term planning whatsoever. The reason you find info on new stuff only 3 days before it happens is probably because Kixeye's devs haven t even created the new stuff prior to its release.

    In a real game.. a little difference in level do not affect the game play so much;
    In BP even if I had completely no skill at all, a fleet of HH doesn t stand a chance against my MCX... And I totally understand anybody who's complaint run along those lines.


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