Thursday, August 15, 2013

Dragons Grip - next raid

The next raid, under 7 days away now will be Dragon's Raid.

Start Time (based on sector I'm sure):
Thu, 22 Aug 2013 16:00:00 GMT

Targets will be fleets ranked from 1 through 50 again with Spader as our enemy.
(Update 8/16) - Every 5th will be "different".  1-4 = Drac Hulls (based on old notes), not sure what the 5th will be (may be like last raid or something new or may just be like previous ones like this).  Haven't found what the code means just yet.

I believe you'll be able to do the raid twice, but I can't guarantee that (oh wait this is all best guess).  So far they haven't provided info on what the "new" prizes will be on tier 1-4, but I'm guessing on the type they are below.  I'll post pics as soon as I have them updating this page instead of creating a new blog post.  So check back from time to time.

New ship:
Guardian (name subject to change)
x-large ship with 9 weapon slots

  • ? (special) 1 or Arc Missile 1
  • ? (special) 2 or Arc Missile 2
  • ? (special) 3 or Arc Missile 3
  • ? (weapon) or Mercury
  • Javelin or Guardian
Update 8/20, not sure when it changed but now both "sets" show the same info - like last month, I think they just read my blog to see what they screwed up :)   Anyway, thankfully both are showing the same thing now!
Prizes 2: (update 8/17, had this originally, but removed it thinking it was dupe because I didn't read it well enough)
  • ? (special) 1 or Phalanx Anti Missile 1
  • ? (special) 2 or Phalanx Anti Missile 2
  • ? (special) 3 or Phalanx Anti Missile 3
  • ? (weapon) or Mercury
  • Javelin or Guardian
Other changes today:
7 fleets got their pictures changed
  • Long Ship
  • Marauder
  • Pred Sub
  • Battle Barge
  • Levi
  • Sea Wolf
  • Floating Fortress
Haven't looked how much any of them changed, just see they were updated.

Oh and my favorite change, brakes for your fleets finally!

8/18/2013 Update:
2 Videos worth watching:
Captain Nash and Liam99 talking about the raid based on leaked vids.
Level 40 Drac Base for Raid.  (I assume this is the 5,10,15,20...50 type setup)


  1. wow real nice hull for sure any idea how sure u think this is?

    1. As sure as I am about anything I post. It is all subject to change as kixeye has been known to make last min changes, but I'd say 99% likely for tier 1-5, 50 levels of ships, etc.

  2. Replies
    1. That is what one of my buddies thought based on info from other forums. I don't play on the preview servers (or get leaks from those that do), so I never know what the stats are systems besides size and number of weapons, but it would make sense that it is a new defensive ship since the toilets were rereleased and with some of the new weapons. But since I rarely make tier5 (once and only once) odds of me getting it are about 0.

  3. Glad I skipped getting the Goliath. Thanks as always for your efforts.

  4. This is nice to just kinda get an idea as really nothing is ever set in stone with the game. I enjoy playing it, and I know there are lots of issues with the game, but it doesnt make me stop playing or buying stuff to make myself better. I am not for sure who the creator of this thing is, but thank you. I have now bookmarked this and will look into it more often.


  5. Can you post stats of the Guardian?

    1. To quote myself from a few posts up:
      " I don't play on the preview servers (or get leaks from those that do), so I never know what the stats are [on] systems besides size and number of weapons"

      So no I can't. I'm sure someone else may have them by now, assuming they were actually on the preview server.

  6. I think that our "mystery reward" in tiers 2-4 is the Zynthonite Dx-HP armors - for a long time they had no description in the assets files, but now they list as "Light (and Medium/Heavy) Draconian-grade armor that decreases damage from missiles, mortars, and rockets."

    This would jive with there not being 3 new items in the data to go with the secondary prizes we normally see in tiers 1-3. Generally speaking they re-release an old three-tier prize, 2 one-tier prizes, and 5 new prizes with each tiered raid - we've confirmed (as much as possible) the Arcs, Guardian, Mercury, and Javelin, which just leaves 3 "mystery" rewards in tiers 1-3, and another in tier 4. I suspect we'll get a reissue of an older D1 armor for tier 1, and the Dx-HP armors for tiers 2-4, similar to the way they do with the Phalanx.

    1. Those 3 don't match the ID numbers unless the 3 ID numbers they have in there are just place holders. I hadn't noticed the Descriptions changed on those. When did that happen? I haven't looked today, will check and update things (if anything new) when I get home tonight.

    2. What ID's do you see?
      Additionally, if you'd be willing to email me with the info on that rewards file, we might be able to put our heads together and figure more stuff out.

      If you're up for it, hit me up by email or IM at and we can compare notes.

  7. They updated it with the raid prizes, look 3 specials and a weapon:


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