Saturday, December 12, 2015

The Robot Apocalypse, open to all

So for those that don't know, RA went out of beta status sometime last month and now is open to all.

If you like BP, but are tired of the company ignoring what players want, if you want somewhere to kick back and enjoy your time again and not just feel like they just want your money, if you want to enjoy a game again, come check it out!

The community page for it can be found here:

The developers have been taking player feedback and making slight tweaks here and there for the past 2-3 weeks.

One of the great features to it, IMHO, is taking base level out of the equation on what you can hit.  Your base actually has a defensive rating.  It goes up as your base defeats people and goes down as you lose.  Slowly in both cases, but if you just can't keep out that level 42 squad, well it should slower lower your defensive level to where they may not be able to send it in anymore!  It isn't perfect yet and still needs some tweaking from the devs, but I love the concept!

I've tried to capture info about  the game over the past 6+ months as it was in alpha and beta here:

Have some tips and tricks, some general info, etc.

I'll admit, it is hard starting over from scratch and there are some "safe guards" in place so you can't just coin your way to top dog!  But swing by, take a look and send some feedback!

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