Sunday, March 1, 2015

VXP Repair preliminary information

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  • Unlocks VXP repair reduction times for the HULLNAME hull.
  • You do not have the #hullname# hull required to unlock this specialist.
  • Requires #hullname# Specialist found in Naval lab.
  • repair_specialist_unlock_popup_repair_bonus
  • repair_specialist_unlock_popup_text": "Gain VXP to reduce this hulls repair times!

Repair modifier will be a multiplier, combined with other repair reductions.

(is raid,  1x or .5x)  * (Officer Reduction) * 1 * (Repair Specialist Modifier)

Naval lab being required..  means if you don't have one get to it.. heh

Things are subject to change obviously,  but this is what we are seeing at the moment,.

Please leave Comments in the forums:

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