Saturday, May 24, 2014

Campaigns Coming.....

List of the upcoming Campaigns

  • Campaign Down the Barrel (Draconian)
  • Campaign Long Shot (Draconian)
  • Campaign Run the Trench (Draconian)
  • Campaign Shell the Shore (Draconian)
  • Campaign Eye of the Storm (Draconian)
  • Campaign Hunting the Nemesis (Draconian)
  • Campaign Death Grip (Draconian)
  • Campaign Boiling Seas (Reaver)
I see something from yesterday on bpoutpost that gives a bit more of a run down on them.  Not sure if their info was from forum posts, WIPs, or fed to them, but above you have the names of 8 of them and whose ships are in them, past that I have no info or insight.  If anyone has forum post info on anything to do with the campaigns, feel free to drop a link below.


  1. Here is the bpoutpost thread I saw:

  2. More info


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