Wednesday, April 30, 2014

Apr 30, 2014 update

Ok, 5 new things this week, 4 people seem to know about, 5th one didn't make the FM this week.

  • Lead Panels 1-3 - Reinforced lead and concrete bunker panels that protect defense turrets from radiation and electro-magnetic attacks.
  • Impact Cannon D30-R- Armored, light Draconian cannon with extended range. Excellent for supplementing cannon based ship load-outs.
  • Incendiary Shells - Reaver modified explosive shells that increase splash and will sometimes ignite target areas with Radioactive flame.

Other oddities
  • Fire Field Chance
  • Who is Zoe?  Is she the new bad guy?  Captain Harlock, Greta Spader, and Zoe.....


  1. Grimshine is the new bad guy. Maybe Zoe is that engineer looking person in the tutorial?

  2. May WIP


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