Sunday, June 23, 2013

Dragon's Nest

yeah, yeah, yeah, a few days late, that is what happens when they release info while I go on vacation!

No idea what has already floated around on the BP forums, but here is what I have.  No idea what of these will show up in Dragon's Nest, but never do, so why should this post be any different!

Greta appears to be back (think that is in their fb page too?)

Ok, so my guess at Dragon's Nest based on the latest updates:
  • Tier 5: Disruptor Cannon
  • Tier 4: Mauler (was known as Kraken before)
  • Tier 1-3:  Counter Measures 1-3
Note:  I've updated the order and the name since my original post 10 mins ago.  I'm basing Tier4/5 based on DH3 and the Mercury/Rail Gun prizes.  Purely playing the odds from the way it was last released!

The Mauler looks like this:
Description on it:  An aggressive hull with enhanced attack capabilities.
Weapon Slots:  6
Size:  Same as the Mercury 

I know it has probably been floating around as someone sent me a pic with supposed stats a bit ago.  I can't verify those stats though so I won't pass them on at this time.

Based on what I can see it is not defined as a sub (at least at this point, nor does it look like one to me).

Drac Outposts:
Level 5 walls now added

New Weapons:
Disruptor Cannon

Other things:
Looks like sometime in the recent past they started planning for people who were over level 100, looking all the way up to 130 right now.


  1. Forum post with supposed stats:

    Colors looked off on the one I got, but my Intel Lab is down so can't compare anything else on it right now.

    1. I currently give little belief in these type of photos, but that is just because I've never been able to pull them ahead of time! Pulling pics is easy, pulling the stats I assume is being done from the .swf file and I'm unsure if any of that is released early.

    2. The stats came from the preview(test)server so could easily be changed before being officially released.
      The preview(test)server also showed MC as being Tier 5 alongside the Disrupter Cannon. I feel sure this could be changed before the official release too.

  2. We (my alliance and I) have been calling the new ship either the Anchor or the Crossbow.

  3. Mauler, Weapons: 6, Armor: 4700, Armor Slots: 4, Special Slots: 3, Mortar and Penetrative Reload: +19%, Ballistic Defense: +40%. Disruptor Cannon, Range: 72, Ballistic Damage: 2700, Combat Speed -80% to what ship it hits for several seconds, Reload: 3. Countermeasures System 3, Compound Armor Defense of +44%, Antimortar Range: +19%, Antimortar Accuracy: +20%?, Antimissile Accuracy/Range: +19%.


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