Thursday, December 6, 2012

Lightning Run....

Ok, just 5 days or so until another raid.... 

Looks like they may go back to top 4 get a prize based on some info in one of their files.  We'll see if that holds true or if it is just a bad rumor I'm starting!  I'd say it will probably keep the typical options, but sorta looks like top 4 get something else.  We shall see.

As for what we'll be going against, got me.  Nothing new really showing up that I can see.  Best guess is maybe the Atlas will show up this time.

I assume it will either be the typical round of pick a prize that you didn't win before, or perhaps they'll finally introduce a few of the other prizes they've been teasing in the files that I've posted about over the last month.

We shall see.....

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