Wednesday, July 15, 2015

Latest coinfest for kixeye

Note:  Nuke has made updates to the post since then, so this may no longer be accurate and I'm not going to go back and figure it out, but go check out the latest as you get a chance.

I've given up knowing the names of what the latest, monthly, coinfest project from kixeye is, but whatever raid starts tomorrow, LOL good luck.

Latest breakdown can be seen and discussed over here:

One example:

Item: Dreadnought X - NPC Com (5402)
  • Name : : from (Dreadnought X - NPC Com to Kodiak - NPC Com)
  • Armor : : from (8,200 to 40,641)

Nothing like a 5x increase on armor!

Having not participated in the past 4 raids I find I have much more free time, very liberating.  But for you die hard addicts, I'll grab some of the fleet breakdowns for this raid and get them posted tomorrow evening when I get home from work.

Really can't wait until Robot Apocalypse gets out of their current closed beta.  Been enjoying it quite a bit.  Still a little buggy, but something I'm willing to throw some coin at compared to BP.

Will continue to do a few posts on BP from time to time, but it will continue to be less and less I'm sure, unless one of you can get them to give me my base back :)

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