Saturday, June 6, 2015

Robot Apocalypse - Limited Beta

The Robot Apocalypse

It's been a long time since we posted our last update, so our apologies for the delay in getting this out to you. We've been fixing a lot of issues that turned up in testing, and we're proud to let you know that we've reached our limited beta phase.

What this means is that anyone can now play our game, until we reach 250 total players. For those that made it into our previous beta, your base has been reset, and now everything you do in the way of building, upgrading and advancing is permanent. We will not reset the world ever again. Once we reach 250 players, we're going to do a check on the robustness of the game systems, fix some more bugs, and then look for a second phase of the limited beta, and bring in another batch of players. We hope to never have the game offline for more than an hour or so (unless something catastrophic happens) from now.

So if you want to get into The Robot Apocalypse and start growing your base, now is the time to do so. Let your friends know as well, and you can get a jump on the competition.
We'd still appreciate your feedback and bugs, which can be posted to our ticket system by clicking Forums at the bottom of the page when the game is running.

Please let us know if you have any questions or concerns!

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