Wednesday, February 19, 2014

Feb 19 update

(Last updated 2/20 to add pics)

Ok those that have started, or looked at, the FM for this week know about the first few, but there are some other new toys forthcoming.

Armor (this weeks FM prizes)
  • Compound Plate 2-4 - Forsaken armor plates that ignore a flat amount of damage from multiple projectile damage types. Best used against high-salvo rapid fire weapons.
  • Torrent Missile 1-3 - Reaver-crafted rapid-fire missile boxes. Unleashes a blistering torrent of penetrative damage and overwhelms countermeasures with sheer volume.
  • While it looks like it fires rockets it is labeled as missile and appears to have a LONG reload time and very short range beyond that I won't post any details on it.

  • Resonance Battery - Built as a Draconian countermeasure to Forsaken Tactical Modules. This battery harnesses the energy from any Tactical Field that the ship is being affected by and uses it to enhance general combat ability.

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  1. Yea you can see them here.


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