Tuesday, April 16, 2013

Drac Hunt 3 part 2

First, please don't post links to my blog in the BP forums.  The moderators just end up deleting them and it causes them more work and they have enough to do.  They've had to clean a lot of links up out of the "drac hunt 3 pre-raid discussion".  They've been nice and, so far at least, left posts that tell people to google drac hunt 3, which some still can't seem to do.

I do like the fact that over and over there were some quotes earlier in the week that everything on my blog was dead wrong.  Guess we'll  know for sure in a few days.

But for whoever said they'd bet $1000 bucks that I was mostly right on the forums when someone else said it was all BS (think that post got removed also), feel free to track me down and send part of that to me any time if you win :)

Remember these are all just educated guesses after some research on what things may be introduced each week.  This is by no means an official BP blog and all my personal speculation.

Anyway with all that out of the way....

My guess is that if the Arc Missiles are released this raid, and I see no reason they won't, is that they are actually base turrets, not ship weapons like many on the forums have been speculating (some on the forums, in a different thread, recently have been speculating they are turrets also and I'm guessing that is right, but then again I missed the name on the hull on a 50/50!).

As for the Mercury (not the Anaconda, hey like I said I could be wrong on the name and it looks like I was) it is a Large ship (Scorp size) and appears that it will have 6 weapon slots.  Not sure why I didn't bother putting that in the previous post, must have been too eager to get the post out!

Enjoy the upcoming Raid. 


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  2. I am not expecting any kind of anwser (for obvious reasons)
    But I would love to know how you manage to come up with information as accurate as this before the official word of Kix...

    Since Kix always wait to the last minute to satisfy the curiosity of their fans, I am very happy that I found your blog.

    Keep up the good work !!

    1. I'm amazed at how many have found my blog. The number of hits a day around each raid is crazy.

      Based on a few comments there are a number of others that are aware of how to find the information, though it is funny, most have ended up removing their own posts.

    2. lol, I only removed my post because it double-posted, and deleting one deleted both of them, and then I didn't feel like re-typing the whole thing again :-)

  3. Hi Xnih thanks for the blog.

    I hear the Arch missile is the missile that fires off the Nemesis, the Javelin is a medium range Base turret (ballistic possibly rail gun), and the Mercury is the predisessor of the Interdicter.

    Info comes from the only other person that has been right as much as you are.

    Good job keep it up

  4. Oh i put your Blog link on our alliance page but only on closed secret pages of friendly alliances.

    I didn't know how far you wanted your URL spread.

    1. I don't mind the link spreading, but since the moderators don't seem to like it in the forums I figured we might as well be nice and try not to make too much extra work for them.

      I've read people mentioning they think the arc missiles are off the nemesis, and that is possible, I never did look at the specs coming off of it, but I do not think it is the same thing, otherwise this info would have had to be in previous versions and it didn't show up until the last week (without going into any real details with how we find the info). Granted it could be hard coded data, but not sure why that ship would be different than the others.

      Guess I'll have to do a capture this raid on what is on the big ugly ship and post that like I did on the other drac ships in the past. Not sure why I haven't done that in the past already!

  5. Ah shucks, I got the tier 4 and 5 backwards, should have known better since the railgun was a base weapon that it would be the tier 5, not to mention they kept saying this raid was going to benefit the lower levels.

    Well since I only ever get tier 4, guess I get a new ship this month!


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